Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take 24 hours to see my recommendations?

We know that in the world we live in, you expect the results to be ready immediately! However, good things come to those who wait, right? So while we have fancy algorithms that can spit out a canned recommendation for you quickly, we also add a human element to make sure you're truly getting the best matches possible based on your selections. Think of the Stream Team as a concierge service for all of your streaming needs. Once we've scrubbed what are truly the best recommendations, your report is sent to you as quickly as possible.

Are you affiliated with any one streaming service provider?

We are not owned by any streaming service provider or their affiliates. Our purpose is to provide an unbiased view to connect you wtih the provider that will both save you the most money and maximize your streaming experience.

How does the StreamingMatch Tool work?

StreamingMatch takes your selection of your favorite live channels from cable or satellite and matches you up with the best live streaming service based on your preferences and budget. Our Best Match result matches you to the package that has the most channels you select in the tool. Our Best Value result is a combination of the most affordable package that matches with at least 75% of your selections.

How does streaming live or on-demand TV work?

Streaming occurs through an Internet connection or your cellular service provider's data network and uses either a standalone device or apps in order to connect you to your favorite programs. Visit our How Streaming Works page to learn more.

What kind of internet connection do I need to stream?

The typical minimum recommended bandwidth is 3Mb/s for Standard Definition (SD/480p), 4 Mb/s for High Definition (HD/720p/1080p) and anywhere from 15-25 Mb/s for Ultra HD/4K content. There are Internet speed testers available for you to check your current speed online. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider for more guidance based on your anticipated streaming needs.

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